After criticizing the East Windsor Town Council for passing resolutions without discussing them or allowing the public to question them; holding the meeting at the same time as a school board meeting; lying; refusing to film meetings;and refusing to discuss the prospect of a democratically elected mayor, the mayor says she only allowed me to speak because the state mandated it


Among the issues on last night’s agenda was establishment of salaries for the mayor, the council, and other non-union township employees. I asked the mayor and council twice how they decide how much they, and the other employees should make, and as you might have expected, I got no answer.

This is a problem because they voted to give themselves annual raises without explaining why. Furthermore, what if certain other township employees are presently being underpaid? Because there is no transparency on how salaries and wages are established we are kept in the dark with respect to how appropriately or inappropriately township employees are being compensated with our tax dollars.

As I stated during the public hearing, it is also disconcerting that the mayor and council have decided to give themselves annual raises, whist continually holding us liable for more and more debt.

While it is not unusual for the mayor to interrupt me when I speak during public comment it should not persist. It is, in my view, down right abusive, to interrupt members of the public, while they are asking questions about, or are commenting about how our money is going to be used. I did not only ask questions about the establishment of salaries and wages. I also asked questions about long term borrowing plans, debt reduction plans, if we could have our meetings filmed and posted on the township website, and if we could have a democratically elected mayor.

What I have to tell you next saddens me profoundly, but it needs to be said. Mayor Janice Mironov told the public a lie last night. She told the public that she has answered all of my questions and that I just ask them all again because I do not like her answers. While it is true that the mayor has answered some of the questions I have asked her throughout the years, and it is also true that I do not always like the answers she gives, they are not the questions I persist in asking her each weak.

To allow our mayor to get away with lying, in my view, is unacceptable. Lying is always wrong, but when an elected official lies, there can be more where that came from, those lies can be with respect to our money (in a very sluggish economy, mind you) and it certainly establishes a terrible precedent in our community. So I ask that you join me at the next meeting, and tell the mayor you will not stand for lies.

Many people in our community (and in fact, throughout the county!) know about our controlling and dishonest mayor however not enough do. Please help me spread the word, call the mayor’s office and say you disapprove of lies and disrespect, and vote her out of office this upcoming election.

I will continue to keep you updated and will work hard to have the mayor voted out of office. I will also persist with my efforts to make East Windsor’s government more transparent, accountable, and discussion friendly.


There was a public hearing here in East Windsor on an ordinance to borrow $1 million . In my opinion, it was an illegitimate public hearing. I had a lot of questions and concerns about borrowing this money because items on the capital improvements list seemed suspicious. 3 Garbage trucks in 3 years, over $20,000 a year, every year on parks and playgrounds, a constant need for leaf equipment.

Unfortunately, despite bringing these questions and concerns to the attention of the Mayor and the town council I was interrupted more than 8 times, and ignored. I won’t lie to you. Regretfully, at one point I lost my temper. I lost my temper because after having to argue with the mayor just to be able to finish what I had to say she was, in my honest opinion, speaking to me as if I was entirely ignorant about what I was discussing.

Even if my concerns, when addressed, turn out to be nothing to worry about- the fact remains that I have done a fair deal of homework on this subject.I wanted to share with you footage of the event because I think everybody in our community should see just how unwilling the mayor and council members are to debate and have discussions with members of the public or seek clarification on matters they find confusing.

I admit in retrospect that I should not have proposed a “devil’s advocate ordinance” because it’s wrong to dictate how council members discuss issues.