On trying to “loosen up,” “sufficient freedom” and other things

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I am trying to “loosen up” in a way that is honestly “me” or “true to myself.” I am contemplating the ethics of compassion, and the right to “sufficient” freedom in response to the blowback and imperfections of “pure freedom.” This applies as much to basic notions of fair access to necessary resources like water as much as I believe it applies to reasonable immigration policy and treating all people in Earth like human beings, as opposed to treating undocumented immigrants like animals or second class citizens as President Trump horrifyingly does. I discuss these and more.


Author: Sean O'Connor

Hey! I'm Sean O'Connor a political activist, philosopher, and vlogger from central New Jersey. I'm 33 and recently graduated from William Paterson University with a BA in Liberal Studies. Currently I work as a writing tutor at Mercer County Community College though I working towards a transition that will allow me split my time between work on my blog and political activism/non-profit organization activities.

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