On verbal communication

While I still love to write and to read great writing I believe that the art of writing and the variety of mediums in which one can write make up pieces of the wider concept of verbal communication in general. And central to verbal communication, I believe, is clarity of thought and not necessarily revised thought so much as honest thought which is why, as I develop my sense of self a verbal communicator, I identify as much with Michel de Montaigne as I do with Howard Stern as they are both honest and free flowing in their verbal communications. That aesthetic principle of honest free-flow is one I strive to practice. 

Also in this episode I explain why I might have been wrong to claim Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of NY is the best candidate for president thus far.

****Special thanks to 

Bernard Foyeth,

Matthew Snopenhauer




@cabinloon for inspiring some of my thoughts 


Author: Sean O'Connor

Hi, I'm Sean O'Connor, a poet and writer pursuing my MFA in Creative and Professional Writing at William Paterson University, where I also work as a learning generalist and where I received my BA in Liberal Studies. Currently. I also work as a writing tutor at Raritan Valley Community College and Mercer County Community College.

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