So I have come up with a sort of idea…(The Video Diary of Sean O’Connor– Episode #32)

I propose a philosophical concept: “practical clarificationism” and explain (part 1 of 2) -June 12th, 2019; East Windsor, NJ

More about this video diary entry:

*revised writings versus extemporaneous speaking

*revising “Objectivist” philosophy, based on its epistemology (the law of non-contradiction…)

*the problem with complete, absolute, 100% certainty (margin of error)

Author: Sean O'Connor

Hey! I'm Sean O'Connor a political activist, philosopher, and vlogger from central New Jersey. I'm 33 and recently graduated from William Paterson University with a BA in Liberal Studies. Currently I work as a writing tutor at Mercer County Community College though I working towards a transition that will allow me split my time between work on my blog and political activism/non-profit organization activities.

2 thoughts on “So I have come up with a sort of idea…(The Video Diary of Sean O’Connor– Episode #32)”

  1. Ok. In journey you seem to be saying that you are open to the world around you rather than having fixed values you can take things in to account while striving to reach a target and in fact you will be able to see if the target changes colour or value . Or could be I set out to shop at Walmart but end up in seers still been shopping

    1. I agree. I think it’s safe to say certain considerations are probably the best guidelines given what we know in that time and place but as you have illustrated, contexts change and so do certain guidelines. Not to suggest any kind of subjectivism. It’s striving for objectivity and realizing sometimes objectivity leads to revision or adjustment.

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